Pearl of Wisdom #10: Keep physically, socially, culturally and intellectually active. Sylvia T.

July 12, 2010

Lesson learned: Sylvia T. could easily be a role model for millions of older adults.  As a true renaissance woman, she not only knows the value of keeping physically, socially, culturally and intellectually active, she regularly engages in activities that bring about their benefits.  By living in a center city retirement community, she often attends lectures, joins tours visiting local museums, frequents concerts, and participates in book discussions.  Given her warm and nurturing personality, she offers herself as a mentor to new residents to help them get better acquainted with the rhythm and routine of the community.  When the weather is pleasant, it is not uncommon to see her strolling along the tree covered sidewalks near her apartment.  Sylvia often travels by bus to a local swimming pool for another form of exercise she enjoys.  As an accomplished pianist, one can frequently hear melodious tunes emanating from her apartment. 

Doctors, scientists, insurance companies and organizations supporting older adults study and have written extensively about the benefits of physical and “brain fitness”.  Researchers inform us that learning something new and playing stimulating games slow memory loss.  Social interaction is also a valuable component for brain health.  “Physical activity can reduce pain in joints and muscles and improve mobility and balance. The benefits of exercise help reduce the risk of falling.” Source: 

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