Pearl of Wisdom #11: “Every job is easy if you have the right tools”. Ernst K.

August 19, 2010

Lesson learnedRegardless of the project or the number of times he said it, my father never squandered the opportunity to reinforce his favorite bit of advice.  Being a master carpenter, it is easy to understand that my father’s tools would be very important to him.  They were, after all, how he made a living.  He never tired of getting a new power tool for Christmas or his birthday and often gave tools to the male members of the family, so they, too, would be well equipped to tackle any home repair project quickly and easily.

But this maxim does not only apply to Hiltis and Dremels.  Education and training can also be considered tools.  Without the knowledge, insight and experience to properly assess a situation, consider viable options and implement a sound course of action, a project can quickly be doomed to failure.  Patience, integrity, honesty, humor, and sincerity are equally important tools when a project or job requires special people skills in order to successfully complete a task or assignment. 

Tools come in many different varieties.  Having them and using them properly does make any job easier.  I’m reminded of this every day, when I use my Blackberry to communicate with clients or power on my Mixmaster to bake a favorite dessert.