Pearl of Wisdom #13: The Power of Positive Thinking. Jim R.

November 16, 2010

Lesson learned: My client, Jim, and I had many chats as we prepared for his move from his house in the suburbs to a nearby retirement community.  Besides the work at hand, we talked about a variety of subjects: the Phillies, politics, newly released books and our families.  The conversations, I probably enjoyed the most, centered on business topics.   Jim had an enviable collection of positive thinking and motivational dynamics books.  I soon learned that not only had he read those books, he lived by them.  He truly practiced what he preached and I was the lucky recipient of a few pointers that need repeating from time to time. 

One of those gems is the following.  “It took me a long time to learn I was not in the dental business; that I was in the PEOPLE business. PEOPLE made our products; PEOPLE consumed our products; PEOPLE walked around displaying our products. All we had to do was picture in our mind the PEOPLE using our goods and services, enjoying and benefiting from the use of these goods and services. It became education instead of sales! Of course, you had to sell the prospect and educate the customer.

Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziegler and other famous motivators would say ‘whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can be achieved’. If you want it bad enough, plan for it, and work your butt off achieving it.”

His sage advice concluded with “Now go forth and multiply your effort through other people: get them working for you.”  To this, I can only add that PEOPLE make the difference.  Jim certainly does.