Pearl of Wisdom #21: “Maintain a sense of humor and don’t take things so seriously.” Ajay C.

December 22, 2011

Lesson learned:  I met Ajay on his 96th birthday.  I picked him up from the rehab where he had been recuperating after a recent fall and took him to his apartment to begin the downsizing process prior to his move to the Watermark at Logan Square.  The distance between the two locations was short, but thanks to Center City Philadelphia traffic, we had the opportunity to chat about a variety of topics – the economy, corruption in government, the Occupy Movement, travel and the arts.  Ajay’s knowledge base and his eloquent use of language impressed me tremendously.  He was so incredibly vibrant and aware!  But it was his sharp wit, playful teasing and positive attitude that truly captured my attention.  As we carefully weaved our way around City Hall, he revealed his mantra – maintain a sense of humor and don’t take things so seriously.  Now when things get tense, I remember his advice.  I look for the humor in the situation and try not to take things too seriously.  Thanks, Ajay!