Pearl of Wisdom #23: “Making New Memories.” Kitty K.

June 8, 2012

Lesson learned:  Photos and Photo Albums!  Every client we have helped downsize in preparation for a move has them.  Some photos are meticulously cataloged in albums and displayed on bookshelves; others have been tossed into shoe boxes and relegated to the deep recesses of a closet.  Typically the emotional question of “what shall I do with my photos” surfaces and needs to be addressed.  It often becomes one of the most difficult tasks of downsizing. 

Nancy recently raised this question before she moved from her family home, knowing that she would not have room in her new apartment for her many photos and albums.  A collection of the most important and favorite photos were ultimately retained for Nancy to peruse and enjoy.  Kitty, Nancy’s cousin, was quick to explain that many of the memories that the photos generated were actually already in Nancy’s heart and that she would never lose them.  Furthermore, “you will be making many new memories”, Kitty explained, “and now you’ll have room for those!”