Pearl of Wisdom #24: “I survived my move thanks to Transcendental Meditation.” Elena K.

July 10, 2012

Lesson learned:  It was the day after Elena’s move to her new apartment at Ann’s Choice.  We were in the midst of unpacking the many boxes that contained the crystal and china that would be returned to a beautiful china closet when she made her confession.  She had found the energy she needed to prepare for her move from a large suburban home to a two bedroom apartment thanks to transcendental meditation! 

Not knowing much about “TM”, I encouraged her to tell me more.  Elena devoted twenty minutes twice a day to meditate by first trying to cleanse her mind of any thoughts and then breathing deeply to restore her body with inner strength.  She was convinced that this routine gave her the energy she needed to pack the many boxes and coordinate the moving process as well as she had.  The actual move had disrupted her meditation routine and she was looking forward to returning to it.  She would need the energy it brought her to put all the final touches on her new apartment and convert it into a warm and comfortable home for her and her husband.