Pearl of Wisdom #25: “You’ve wasted a day if you haven’t learned anything new.” Rose P.

October 3, 2012

Lesson learned:  Sylvia, a client of mine, recently reminisced how her mother, Rose, routinely reminded her children of the value of education and learning something new each day. 

I can well imagine that to Rose, learning didn’t just have to take place in a classroom or lecture hall.  It could have come from reading a book, listening to a news report, conversing with someone, watching a theatrical or orchestral performance, or savoring delicious food.  It could also have occurred during quiet moments of meditation and devotions. 

The many benefits of continuing one’s education are well documented and examples abound.  Conversation can be enriched by expanding one’s vocabulary.  Taking a new way home can come in handy when construction or weather-related problems force the closure of a familiar route.  Picking up a new skill, like being proficient with social media, can be beneficial in a work setting and enhance one’s career. 

Thank you, Sylvia for sharing your mother’s wisdom and reminding us to learn and grow each and every day.  It’s a lesson that will prove advantageous many times over.