Pearl of Wisdom #30: “I try to find something good in all the seasons.” Bertha W.

November 14, 2013

Lesson learned:  It was a quintessential autumn day.  The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun seemed to intensify the colors of the fall foliage.  The gold, rust, orange and maroon colors of the leaves were made even more vibrant by the radiant sun.  But despite the sunshine, there was crispness in the air.  It was, after all, late October.  

Seated next to me in my car was my client, Bertha, a soft-spoken and gentle woman in her early nineties with a keen philosophical mind.  From her silence, I could tell that her thoughts had wondered from the present to another time and place.  When she spoke again, she told me about the time when she, as a young girl, was riding in a limousine to attend her aunt’s funeral.  “Today is very much like that particular day”, she whispered.  “I never liked autumn, but as we drove toward the cemetery, I recall seeing my aunt’s beauty and love in all of the beautiful leaves.  It was as though she was everywhere I looked.  From that point on, I came to enjoy autumn because it reminds me of her and the special lady she was.”  With a slight sigh, she continued, “I try to find something good in all the seasons.”