Pearl of Wisdom #34: “Secrets to Longevity” as shared by several Montgomery County Centenarians (Part One)

May 26, 2014

Lesson learned: In observance of Older Americans Month, Montgomery County Aging and Adult Services recognized the legacy of its centenarians and saluted them at the 5th Annual Centenarian Luncheon at Dock Woods. Fifty centenarians from Montgomery County were honored at this event on May 1 for helping to build strong communities and families over generations. Each one was asked to what they attribute their long life. Some of their secrets appear below:

Frank G.: “Every day that we live, we have two choices: we can be positive or negative. I choose to be positive and you know what happens? It’s infectious. It makes other people respect you. People recognize that. My philosophy of life is that every day that I live, I should learn at least one new thing or help someone else understand one new thing. If more people had the same philosophy as I do about living, they would enjoy their lives a lot more. Every day is a new experience. Every day that you live, you should embrace it and be thankful that God has given you one more day.”

Alice B.: “I try to keep a positive attitude and have a good belly laugh every day.”

Warner C.: “Do everything in moderation.”

Jane E.: “I learned to be strong and accept things as they are.”

Annabelle G.: “It’s a matter of doing the best you can and hoping it all works out well.”

To be continued…