Pearl of Wisdom #35: “Secrets to Longevity” as shared by several Montgomery County Centenarians (Part Two)

July 25, 2014

Lesson learned: In observance of Older Americans Month, Montgomery County Aging and Adult Services recognized the legacy of its centenarians and saluted them at the 5th Annual Centenarian Luncheon at Dock Woods. Fifty centenarians from Montgomery County were honored at this event on May 1 for helping to build strong communities and families over generations. Each one was asked to what they attribute their long life. Some of their secrets appear below:

Rose S.: “I think my strong faith, a ‘positive’ attitude and a sense of humor have helped me throughout my life’s ups and downs. I think ‘family’ is so important in every season of life.”

Rhoda D.: “Religion played a big part in my longevity. I always trusted in God and waited for Him to do what I needed. My parents were also very wonderful to me. They taught me to always be loving to everyone.”

Mary G.: “We always ate well and had wine with our meals, especially on holidays.”

Mary P.: “I attribute my longevity to a good attitude, regular exercise (I walked every day) and a sensible diet. But after all is said and done, the Lord has blessed me and allowed me to continue on for his own purpose that is unknown.”

Irene K.: “The key to living as long as I have is to be pleasant and nice.” She has lived life with the philosophy of laugh, love, enjoy, fight less, forgive and be affectionate.