Pearl of Wisdom #38: Smiling through the tears – Shirley B. and Donna H.

October 29, 2014

Lesson learned:  I have often reflected on how similar my clients in transition are, but I never realized, until today, just how true that observation was.

I met with two prospective clients today, Shirley and Donna; two women who were in need of help as they prepared to move from their current homes. While their circumstances were different, their needs were the same – getting settled in a new home.  I was struck that both were dressed in black when they greeted me at the door.  Shirley was still mourning the loss of her husband, who passed in July.  Donna had attended the funeral of her former husband and the father of her children before my visit.  Shirley had been married 24 years; Donna has been married for 24 years to her current husband, who was in a skilled nursing center having suffered some major health setbacks.

As we sat together and talked about their relocation needs, the eyes of both women said it all.   There was sadness yet surprising strength as they shared their stories with me.  One moment they were filled with uncertainty and in the next instance there was a hopefulness, a serenity that embraced them.  In both homes there was evidence of faith – a Bible verse etched into wood, a lead crystal cross, a prayer card.  Perhaps that provided the comfort that sustained them.

As I concluded my meetings with Shirley and Donna, I was inspired by their courageous and dignified resolve to move forward and create a new beginning. Once they are settled in their new residences and acclimate to their surroundings, it is my prayer that new friends and happy times will surround them and give them hope and peace.