Pearl of Wisdom #40: Lessons learned from the decorative items of seniors

December 30, 2014

Lesson learned: Up until now, the pearls of wisdom that have been collected were spoken lessons from seniors.  The following entry was inspired by decorative items that appeared in the homes of seniors.

  • A colorful, counted cross stitch sampler with a red heart border:
    “Unless you love someone, nothing else matters”   by ee cummings
  • A refrigerator magnet with Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote:
    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift.”
  • A metal wall hanging in the shape of a vine with a painted tile for each saying:
    “Faith to light the darkened sky… Strength to carry on… Love to touch and heal the soul… Hope to grace the dawn!”

  • And my favorite, this German verse, embroidered on plain, white linen by my grandmother:
    “Beklage nie Morgen, der Müh und Arbeit gibt.  Es ist so schön zu sorgen, für Menschen die man liebt!”  (Do not complain about the morning that brings effort and work.  It is so nice to care for people you love!”)