Pearl of Wisdom #43: “I’m not going to forget my father because I threw away something he gave me.” Joyce M.

March 31, 2015

Lesson Learned:  For many people who are in the process of downsizing, the thought of discarding cherished possessions that were given to them by a special person is extremely difficult, if not impossible.  “How could I possibly part with this [insert any treasure] when my [insert a person] gave it to me for my [birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding, or anniversary]?”  With guilt abounding, it is often easier to simply let these items remain undisturbed exactly where they have been displayed or stored for decades than to deal with them.

British clutter expert, Karen Kingston, knows a lot about decluttering guilt.  Her advice is to “accept the love that was given with the gift but let the physical item go”.  Others suggest taking a photograph of the item to remind them of it and then move the article along to a new home.  Perhaps Anthony J. D’Angelo captured it best with – “treasure your relationships not your possessions.”

Joyce firmly believed that her philosophy was sound.  Her bigger challenge, she readily acknowledged, was now to sort through and eliminate many of the items she had collected over the years.  Maybe Anthony D’Angelo will come to her rescue.