Pearl of Wisdom #50: “Turn off the lights!”

January 24, 2016

Lesson Learned: I don’t know how many times, during my childhood, I recall my parents reminding my siblings and me to “turn off the lights” when we left a room! It usually was said sternly and impatiently, because after all, they had already told us this a hundred times before. That same tone was also used when it was necessary to say “close the door! We’re not heating the entire neighborhood!”

When wandering from one darkened room to another in the home of my older clients, I often hear my father’s admonishments, as the light switches are turned on and off with military-like precision. It doesn’t seem to bother them that they may be turning the lights on and off again in quick succession; what’s important is that electricity isn’t being wasted. As most of my clients were raised in the post-depression era, the lesson of conserving energy, not to mention saving anything that could be used again some other time, was well ingrained.

In addition to conserving energy, turning off the lights and closing the doors save valuable dollars and make good common sense. To each and every client who practices this discipline, I can only say thank you for the reminder and the trip down memory lane!