Pearl of Wisdom #54: “The Gift.” Bud B.

Lesson Learned:  I recently met an older gentleman who shared his very personal insight into how he viewed gifts. At birth, he explained, every child is blessed with an abundance of gifts and talents that were given by God.  These gifts should be nurtured and used to the best of each person’s ability throughout a lifetime.

These gifts and talents have sustained Bud during his 84 years and most especially during the past several years when he survived three strokes and being run over by an automobile in a parking lot.  He told me how he never looked back to count what he had lost; instead he continued to look forward to what he retained.

One of the gifts that God gave him was the ability to sing, which he recently did last Sunday during a church service.  He proudly showed me the video of him singing a solo to the glory of God from his wheelchair at the front of the church.   His voice was strong and his words rang out with great conviction.

Bud’s message to everyone is to use your talents to the fullest possible extent and to take comfort in sharing them with others.

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