Pearl of Wisdom #55: “I’m changing my whole life and it’s good!” Georgette G.

July 29, 2016

Lesson Learned:  Change.  I think it’s fair to say that many people relate to change with anxiety and trepidation.  The disruption of a well-known and comfortable routine, fear of the unknown or the need to adjust to an unwanted situation can be quite upsetting. It seems that fewer people embrace change and focus more on the positive aspects of the adventure, challenge, and excitement that change can bring.

For the majority of my clients, most of whom are between 85 and 92 years of age, change is usually met with resistance and reluctance especially if it means relocating from one’s home to a retirement community.  When Georgette, a 90 year old woman with an effervescent smile and perky demeanor, told me “I’m changing my whole life and it’s good”, I could hardly believe my ears.  The marvelous part of her proclamation was that she truly meant it.  She was looking forward to moving into a personal care community with great enthusiasm.

I turned and looked at Georgette’s daughter, who was beaming with delight.  Her mother’s determination to make this move a positive experience was a gift the daughter appreciated and relished.  She had witnessed her mother’s transformation of seeing the door as being closed to the door being open.   Her mother’s acceptance of the move was reassuring and upbeat!  It’s good!