Pearl of Wisdom #58: “Celebrate Today.” Dee L.

Lesson Learned: “To my friends old and new.  These requests I ask of you. Simple things I’m sure you can do.

The holiday season is approaching fast, and my first request is that you visit, but don’t dwell on the past.  For what was once, cannot be again, but your cherished memories will always remain.

Tomorrow  is uncertain and out of sight, so my next request is not to linger on ‘what might’. We can ponder about future events, but truth be told, there is nothing we can prevent. 

For my next request I have this to say, wake up each morning and embrace the day.  Spread some cheer, make time to play, a touch of kindness and a smile, display.  And remember to celebrate all that you have  today, today, today…. 

Share this joyous season with those you hold dear and may all of your worries and troubles disappear. Stay in good health, and have yourself, a glorious, stupendous, exciting, outrageously amazing very, very Happy New Year.” Dee



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