Pearl of Wisdom #59: “You can’t stop progress”. Aunt Marie

January 27, 2017

Lesson Learned:  Progress is a strong, uplifting word with a particularly positive connotation.  Growth, development, advancement, gradual betterment, and improvement could all be substituted as appropriate synonyms.  When Aunt Marie uttered this simple and understated observation, she revealed just how important moving forward was to her. 

It seems normal to want to see and experience progress.  We delight in reading and hearing the words “making good progress” on report cards, performance evaluations and medical summaries. It seems natural to want progress to continue.  But sometimes, in our daily lives, progress can seem alien or threatening when its benefits are not understood or it occurs unexpectedly and causes additional work or takes up more time.  A new software program at work or a temporary road closure due to construction can be quite frustrating and stressful.  It’s easy, then, to shun the anticipated advancement and clamor for the old status quo.

That wasn’t Aunt Marie’s mantra. She was progressive and modern in the way she embraced new trends, fashions and gadgets.  She insisted on looking forward, not backwards.