Pearl of Wisdom #60: “Declutter – Now”. Tom and Sue S.

February 27, 2017

Lesson Confirmed: Tom and Sue S. were interviewed for an article entitled “Retirement: Declutter – Now!” that appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer on August 23, 2015.  The insights and suggestions they shared confirm and validate the guidance we routinely give our clients in transition.   The points below capture the essence of Tom and Sue’s experience as they prepared for a move into a local retirement community.

  1. “Start decluttering – now!”
  2. “Do it while you’re in control of everything. Don’t wait until you have to depend on your kids to help sell the house, make the move, or care for the remaining spouse.  The sooner you get out from under house and property care, the sooner you can be free of those expenses and concerns, the sooner you can really enjoy retirement and have the time to do what gives you pleasure.”
  3. Decluttering “holds people back from starting to act on their future.”
  4. “Today, we live in a two-bedroom apartment and have yet to find something that we ‘need’ from our former home.”
  5. It’s painful to realize that your family members don’t value your treasures as much as you do. It’s unsettling to put them up for sale at a tenth of their original price… If you try to get what you consider as ‘full value’, you’ll go crazy.”
  6. Instead, focus on the pleasure and use that these things provided. “You can’t move forward with all this ‘stuff’ holding you back.”