Pearl of Wisdom #61: Elke “Strong”

March 30, 2017

Lesson Learned:  Elke “Strong”. This motto or rallying cry was coined by Elke M’s family to give them strength as they mourned her recent death.

Elke was known and loved by many because of her persistence, determination and unwavering faith. Her ever present smile and the twinkle in her eyes, which easily drew people to her, were her hallmark.

Her early years in war torn Germany, followed by immigration to the United States with two young daughters and eventually raising five children, made her strong and independent. Her door was always open to strangers, whom she would gladly feed. She was generous and kind. She spoke good old fashioned common sense and the simple truth, even when it wasn’t necessarily appreciated. (Okay, so my kitchen window is dirty…)

In later years, she bore the death of her husband and youngest son with dignity and grace. She took life as it came without complaints or drama, even as her health began to fail and she spent many a night in the ER after having fallen – again.

Unlike August II (1670 – 1733) – Elector of Saxony, Imperial Vicar, King of Poland, and Grand Duke of Lithuania, who earned the nickname, “the Strong”, because of his physical strength, Elke was a role model for her emotional strength and discipline. She may have been a simple, hardworking gentlewoman, but her legacy can easily live up to being named Elke “the Strong”.