Pearl of Wisdom #63 – Personal Reflections that made a Lasting Impression

Lesson Learned: 

During the recent Memorial Day weekend, I had the chance to catch up on some recreational reading. I finally completed a book of short stories that had been compiled by a diverse group of people who shared personal tales from their childhood and youth with a popular German radio program decades ago. The narratives of these specific life experiences had played out in the early years of the 1900s and included references to the historical, political and social backdrop of the times. These were particularly fascinating as they gave a deeper perspective into the lives of the authors during those formative years.

I noted, with special interest, the life lessons that inspired three female contributors, who expressed being:

• thankful for being raised without hatred and prejudice (Lotte
Schmarje 1911*)

• helpful to others in need (Elsbeth Kasser 1910*)

• taught to be responsible for what you say or do and to carry that in your heart. (Gertraud Uhl 1895*)

While the sentiments above guided these women who were born over a century ago, they still remain relevant for us today. We would be wise to learn from them and carry these values in our hearts also.

* = the contributor’s year of birth

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