Pearl of Wisdom #65 – “Trust but Verify”. Shirley M.

Lesson Learned:  Shirley’s second Pearl of Wisdom “Trust but Verify” resonated with me as much as her “you have to help other people” blog post #64.  Shirley is a cautious and highly disciplined person, who in her professional career worked as an operating room nurse.  She told me how important it was to her and the rest of the medical team to know that the needed surgical instruments and supplies had been properly replaced before each surgery.  And while she had confidence in the ability of her team to accurately replenish the items, she always verified before the next surgery took place.  In the OR, Shirley couldn’t afford to take any chances.  She needed to verify.

“You gotta believe” and “Keep the faith” are popular imperatives used in everyday speech. It’s a good thing to trust.  “Trust your instincts” is an equally valid command.  In many cases the instincts are correct and valid.  But before making important decisions, it can’t hurt to double check before continuing.  That confirmation could make a huge difference in the outcome.  It did for Shirley.

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