Pearl of Wisdom Blog #72: “Hold on to the Positives. Learn from the Negatives!” Jude R.

January 14, 2021

Lesson Learned: Almost one year into the merciless Covid-19 pandemic, the unspeakable despair that this deadly virus inflicted to date, has been widely reported in the news and discussed privately among friends.  With more than 380,000 deaths in this country alone, one could easily become numb to the ongoing, grim statistics that have left a devastating mark on far too many families.  But none of the numerous stories I have heard, bring the harsh Covid-19 realities into a new perspective more than the one I was told today.

In mid-December, Jude lost her father and stepmother to Covid-19 complications within four days of one another.  Their “serious love story”, as she described it, ended when the one learned that the other had died and simply couldn’t go on alone. Tragically, two funerals had to be planned almost concurrently.

What was remarkable for me, as I listened to Jude talk about her loss, was the incredible sense of peace that resonated as she spoke.   She reflected on how the deaths of both her father and stepmother were a blessing given their respective health issues.  She recognized the Grace in their passing.

The conversation then seamlessly shifted to resilience, a wonderfully hopeful word that can provide encouragement during a time of great uncertainty.  And although the entire episode was “very unfair, dreadful and terrible”, Jude interjected that one still needs to find joy! As a final thought to her sad story, she volunteered that we need to “hold on to the positives and learn from the negatives”. 

How inspiring this message is in light of the unsettling times we are facing today, as the pandemic continues to rage and the country finds itself in the throes of great political unrest on the eve of the presidential inauguration.   May this sage advice from someone who mourns her parents, find a place in more than one heart and bring comfort to those who are struggling!